I’ve Finally Made It

15 Apr

Back in December, my hubs asked what I’d like for Christmas. I adamantly insisted that all I wanted was to have a blog set up…so away he went and built this fun little space. I was an English major in college and loved to write and darn it, I wanted to get back to it. So, here I am, 4 months later tapping out my first post. Hmmmm….maybe a blog wasn’t such a good idea after all; I mean, what good is it if I can’t seem to find the time to actually type out a post? And really? That is so annoying to me. Every day I have loads of ideas, yet finding the time to get on the computer to get them out just never seems to happen. Grumble, grumble….

I think a lot of it has to do with priorities. Every day I make time for prayer, homeschooling the kids, making homemade meals, the never ending chores (laundry, anyone?). Then you throw in there the need to write lessons and prepare materials for the religious education program that I teach, and the minimal amount of Creighton work I still do, and geez, there is just no time. I know…cry me a river, I’m so much busier than everyone else. Wah, wah, wah.

But here is the thing—I do best when my life is hectic. I am not the type to sit around and just chill—it is not in my blood (mom and dad—are you reading this? This is your fault). And I wouldn’t change anything about what I am and am not doing.

So, here I am, four months after the blog was set to go and I am finally taking time to write. Why now? Because in my quest to forever find that perfect balance, I’ve decided that I need and deserve a few minutes here and there to tap out some of my thoughts. My most important reason for taking the time, you ask? I have a pretty awesome family and I want to have my own little space to record our lives together. That is the stuff of my life—time spent with them and my awesome group of friends. I want to grow old and look back on our lives and know that I took time to enjoy it and have memories to share and pass on.

I hope you enjoy it…feel free to leave a comment, but be nice, I’m new at this and not very good at dealing with mean people. Smile


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