A Birthday Message

19 Apr

Dear Leah,

Happy Birthday to a dear sister-in-law!  Over the years, our family has been blessed to have you become a part of our dynamic, and we wouldn’t change you being a part of this dysfunctional family for the world Smile.  Your quiet and gentle spirit has the ability to bring peace and calm to the high strung type-A personalities that make up the majority of the Mourey family. 

I’ve so enjoyed our conversations in which we can discuss the faith and I love your willingness to ask questions without hesitation.  You possess a heart that is always on the search and I know that you won’t settle until you find that which you believe in.  And then?  You will attach to it with your whole heart and mind.

I love the way that you love my brother.  You “get him” and all of his quirks.  You know how to calm him when needed and light a match when motivation is waffling.  I see the love that he has for you and the way that he cares for you—it is a testimony to true love, something that is so rare in this day and age. 

Thank you for being not just a sister-in-law, but a friend.  I wish you much happiness on your 40th birthday.  You have officially arrived at middle age and you are doing it with much grace.  May this upcoming year be one of much love, peace, and joy.

Now for an intermission song from the kids:

And, for some parting words from the rest of the family:

Annie:  “Happy Birthday, Auntie Leah.  You are kind and I like being around you.  I’m glad you don’t live far away.”

Jonah: “Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good day. I love to play at your house. I love you.”

James:  “Bah Gah Wah Gah Wee!”  (translation:  I think you are beautiful.)

Jason:  “Happy Birthday, Leah.  I have always considered you a kindred spirit who comes from a similar background as myself.  I’ve appreciated your insights and wish you a great year.”


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