Time Out

3 May

Today, Jonah ran over my foot while riding his bike.  That boy spends more time in la-la land than here on planet Earth.  My foot came prove it.

James has had some nasty poops lately and I am so over cleaning them up.  He is on the same detox diet as his brother and man alive, he is detoxing something fierce.  He goes from being the dirtiest kid on the block to the cleanest numerous times a day.  Our tub is getting a serious workout.

During one of the abovementioned poop blowouts, I accidentally grabbed a Clorox wipe to clean his bottom.  The sad thing is, it was actually kind of fitting.  Have I mentioned that we cloth diaper?

We have no food in our house and I need to go grocery shopping, but the thought of dragging the kids to 4 different stores to get all of this specialty food is sending my anxiety through the roof.  Too much work.  So we ate hotdogs and canned peaches for lunch—not exactly part of the diet, but I didn’t care.

I need new shoes—like, the shoes I am wearing right now, a beat up pair of Birks, are from my junior year in college.

My gray roots are showing way too much and it is making me crabby.  I’m not a particularly vein person—I just don’t like having two-toned hair and at 33, I’m not ready to be all natural gray.

I haven’t been sleeping well.  I keep staying up way too late and then when I do get to bed, my mind won’t shut off.  Then my husband starts to snore and kick and do annoying things in his sleep (sorry hubs, but you know it is true), and I get crabby and head to the couch.

Right now…I want a time out in a serious way.  Like, I should have been sent to the “naughty step” about a hundred times today for my bad attitude.  I wish someone would have sent me there for the day.

Then maybe I could sit for 2 seconds without someone hanging on me (Jonah), asking me a million questions (Annie), or destroying every semblance of order in the house (James).

I think I’m burnt out. I’m ready for summer. I’m ready for fresh air, less commitments, and a little time to breath.

I need a little space from my kids—I love them, I just need a little me time to recharge.

My spiritual director said that all moms should have a weekly scheduled breather.  I love that idea.  I’m wondering if I could get him to come watch my kids so that could happen!

Okay, I am done now…thanks for listening, I feel a little better.


One Response to “Time Out”

  1. Katie May 4, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    A time out is so different for us than it is for the kids, isn’t it?

    Eddie told me to go to time out for saying “heck” yesterday. I was HAPPY to go! 🙂

    Oh, and I hear you on the greys. How do I have this many? I am 34, darn it!

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