“I have a surprise for you”

20 May

Yesterday I was out running errands and I got a phone call from Annie.

Annie:  Hi Mommy.  When are you going to be home?  I have a really big surprise for you!

Me:  Oh yeah?  What kind of surprise?

Annie:  I can’t tell you.  But it is really big and you are going to be so excited.  When are you going to be here?

Me:  I’m on my way home, I’ll be there in just a few minutes.

Annie:  Okay, hurry up!  I’ll see you soon!  Love you!  Bye.

Me:  Love you, too!  Bye. 

When I pulled up, this is what I had waiting for me:


Annie’s usual surprises are handmade cards, painted pictures, and coloring pages filled with words of love and gratitude.  She makes so many each day I could probably wallpaper our entire house with them and still have left overs (assuming I kept all of them—which I don’t, is that terrible?).  She *loves* to make surprises for family and friends and deliver them with overflowing joy.  Words of affirmation mixed with acts of service—yes, that is totally Annie’s love language. 

But, yesterday, her surprise of riding sans training wheels was pretty exciting for everyone!  She has been working hard on this and finally had the courage to try it without them and within 15 minutes, she had it down. 

I love her surprises, all of them.  This is one of those worthy of writing down in her baby book—which I literally find time to do once a year!

Now, we just need to invest in our own bikes, because my walking legs can’t keep up with her incessant need to ride her bike! 


One Response to ““I have a surprise for you””

  1. Katie May 21, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    this is AWESOME!

    I don’t have a bike either and Cort insists that a time will come when I will have to buckle and get one. Eddie is a bike riding MACHINE!

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