17 Jun

Last night I attended a portion of the Michigan Catholic homeschoolers conference.  Every year, either Jason or I, or ideally both of us, try to attend (the attending together has only happened once because sitters are pricey and hard to come by; am I right?).

Anyway, these conferences are great because they provide an opportunity to listen to experts, connect with other homeschoolers, and get excited for the upcoming year. 

This year was different, though.

While walking through the book fair, which is loaded up with a wide variety of accredited homeschool curriculum distributors, I was struck by just how little of the packaged program materials we use.    Like of the 20+ booths, I use one of the programs, which isn’t even part of the “curriculum package” for the most well known companies out there. 

The rest of our curriculum?  I’ve pieced together through my own research.  In regards to homeschooling, we so don’t fit into a boxed curriculum.  It’s just not me.  I couldn’t spend my days teaching that way.

Then there is the way that our family eats.  It’s different.  I realize this.  We are an anomaly–a small group of people in the US committed to eating real food all the time (except for when I binge eat potato chips, because, I mean, come on—they are POTATO CHIPS!).  Our reasons for eating this way are 50% because we think it is a healthier way to live and the other 50% is because we have kids with health issues that benefit from eating this strict diet.

A family member commented not that long ago that getting together with us is difficult because our families’ eat so differently. 

Um, hello?  It’s not like I wouldn’t prefer to give my kids “splurge” type foods every now and then, but when they can’t, well…they can’t. 

Going out to a restaurant with us is difficult.  Yes.  But I won’t apologize.  Because this is who we are as a family.  We don’t fit into a box.  It’s not us.  Again, we are an anomaly even with our family at times. 

And then there is our faith.  To the core of who I am, my faith penetrates my soul.  In this day and age, my faith is not tolerated well.  People are quick to be PC about many things and many faiths.  But when it comes to being Christian, and specifically Catholic, we are mocked, oppressed, and told we are preachy and judgmental.  Why? Because I don’t believe in moral relativism.  I believe there are absolutes—right and wrong. 

So having a faith, believing in it and standing up for it.  Yeah, that is out of the box.

Then you get to little things like this blog.  Some days I feel like I should have an “identity”—you know, like a food blog or a homeschooling blog or a Catholic mom blog…but that isn’t me either.  I don’t want to be closed in that way.  That box—it makes me feel suffocated. 

So I write and I ramble and this?  This is where I belong.  This is who I am.  Totally completely unabashedly imperfect.  An anomaly.


One Response to “Anomaly”

  1. Katie June 19, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    I really love this post. Our families are very different, but at the same time, very much the same. No, we don’t eat real foods all the time, but we are striving to eat more of them. We don’t homeschool, but education is very VERY important to me and I will be VERY involved in whatever type of schooling my boys have so it fits their needs best. And we aren’t Catholic, but we have a strong faith. Similar, but different.

    I am glad you aren’t making this space fit into any one area. I LOVE reading about your life in all areas. It’s an inspiration.

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