20 Jun

My kids.

They are driving me nuts.

Specifically these two.


That little man has learned how to climb on the couch, and it is now his goal to climb to the very tip top of the couch and STAND. Because that is totally and completely safe, right?

No matter how many times we ask him to sit (which he does maybe ¼ of the time) or we make him sit down (the other ¾ of the time), he pops right back up and goes for the top of Mt. Flippin’ Couch.


So, I take him off the couch and he climbs right back up and does this face:



Inside I laugh and on the outside I yell: “Sit! ON! YOUR! BOTTOM!” It is to no avail.

So in his booster seat he goes—screaming, of course.

Time out—for everybody. That booster seat has probably saved me from getting turned into social services.

And then there is the first born who has so much “independence” radiating from her that she could make a full time job out of bossing her siblings AND Jason and I around.  I can’t begin to articulate just how many talks we have had regarding, “Who is the boss???”

Last time I checked, I birthed the three of them. And I am 33; she is 6 going on 60. Because seriously, she is a granny sometimes. She likes things neat, quiet, and ordered, and damn it, don’t mess with her routine.


I don’t want to wish them into adulthood, but some days…


One Response to “Sigh”

  1. Katie June 23, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    I feel you. I so do.

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