Tid Bits

10 Jul

After arriving home 2 hours past naptime due to an unexpected and completely annoying car accident:

Me:  OK, Jonah, you need to go right to sleep for naptime.  No singing or talking, ok?

Jonah:  Well, what about if I just talk like this whisper, whisper, whisper.

Me:  No, not even that quiet.  I want you to go right to sleep, ok?

Jonah:  Well, what if I talk in my dreams?  I can’t even help it if I do that cuz it is my dream and I can’t make myself stop talking.

Me:  I guess that would be fine.

At dinner the other night, while trying to convince Annie that it makes her zucchini so happy when she eats them (the one vegetable this kid really doesn’t like)

Annie:  How do you know the zucchini are happy?

Jason:  I can see them smiling when you put them in your mouth.

Annie:  No you can’t.

Me:  Sure we can—see those smiles, daddy?

Jason:  Yep, definitely smiling.

Annie, while chewing a new piece of zucchini:  You can’t see them smiling, my mouth is closed.

Me:  Sure we can, we can see everything;  we’re mommy and daddy.

Annie:  No you can’t.  Only God can see everything and you’re definitely aren’t God.

Me:  No, you’re right.  We are so not God.

Annie:  Right, because if you guys were God you wouldn’t be crabby or yell or anything.  You’d be a lot nicer.

Me:  Touché.

While Jason was lying under the kitchen sink trying to fix the leaky faucet

James, while barreling hugging Jason, “Hiiiiiiii, Love you!”


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