A Day in the Life of Homeschooling

25 Sep

Because I want to remember what a “typical” day looks like in our house in this season of homeschooling and writing it all out seemed too daunting, I decided to capture our day in pictures.  You will note that there are no picture of meals.  Why?  Because James has made it my full time job to watch him like a hawk because dropping food on the floor and smearing it on the windows and floor is fun, right?

After breakfast clean up:  Jonah scrubbed down the table, rinsed dishes, and swept the floor. 


Meanwhile, Annie practiced her piano songs and then headed to her room for independent reading.

004  003

Jonah then got working on his handwriting lesson.  Annie eventually joins us for this, but I seem to have forgotten to get a picture of her.  This is probably because James did his morning business and needed a diaper change (sorry, too much information?)006Annie and I then snuggled into one of our comfy chairs and did a little history reading.  We’ve been learning about Christopher Columbus and today we discussed whether or not he was a hero.  Her response was, “I think he started off as a hero because he was brave for sailing in the Ocean and finding new land.  But, he lost it when he treated the Indians poorly.”  Interesting perspective, eh?


And of course, James had to get in on the pictures.  He played while we worked through our history reading.  Jonah quickly jumped in on the playing once his workbook was completed.


From there, we headed to the basement and did our prayer table thing together.  Today, we wondered about the scripture:  “For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11).  We had a great discussion about guardian angels that somehow lead to Jonah asking me, “How does Jesus get into our hearts?”  We wondered about that and Annie jumped in stating, “At our baptism—we receive his light!”  Pictured below are the kids bowing in prayer.  They do this every day and it is humbling and beautiful.

015Annie then got to work making a booklet that sequenced major events in Columbus’ life (back to history), while Jonah and James played.  Jonah and I also looked at some cool artwork and compared and contrasted what was similar and different.  For a kid who can’t see past the tip of his nose when he is looking for something, he surprised me with his ability to find the small differences.  Now if he could apply that to finding his socks.


By this point, the kids’ tummies were grumbling and they were ready for a snack and story.  They snuggled on the couch with grapes and I read Hans Christian Andersen’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” (part of a fairy tale unit we are doing).  James got bored and started to scream and so Jonah took it as an opportunity to get down and start throwing balls in the house (a rule he is forever breaking).  James landed on my lap and Jonah in time out.  Smile

019Back downstairs, Annie worked with James on puzzles and Jonah and I worked on Language Arts.  Today, we found rhyming words in Fox and Socks (and my tongue, consequently became totally tied), played “I Spy” for various consonant sounds, and ended by doing sequencing puzzles.


Annie then finished the morning by watching a math lesson on the computer and completing her math assignment.


After lunch, we headed outside for recess!  Hide and seek was all the rage today.


Once Jonah and James went down for naps, Annie and I headed back to the schoolroom and completed a spelling lesson.  We ended with reading about Mud Wasps and Paper Wasps in her Christian Liberty Reader.  By the way, wasps are gross.


While today doesn’t reflect every subject in every way that we do them on a daily basis, it does show this lovely “routine” which is becoming our norm and seems to be fitting into our lives quite nicely. Most days we are get started by 8:30 and are done by 3:30.  It is a busy day, but we certainly wouldn’t do it any other way.  Woot Woot for homeschooling!


One Response to “A Day in the Life of Homeschooling”

  1. Betsy September 26, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    So fun to see what you are up to! You are an awesome teacher, keep it up!

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