3 Dec

Dear James Majella,

I’ll never forget the first time you were placed into my arms.  After an extremely difficult and scary pregnancy that included 2 1/2 months of strict bed rest, you came into this world on a cold and snowy night.  After 36 hours of labor, you decided it was time, even though you were still six weeks early.


You were just a little peanut, 5 lbs, 9 oz.  My heart melted and we breathed a sigh of relief.  You were here and you were healthy.  Praise be to God.  While the NICU experience is one that I hope to never repeat, you proved to be a “fighter” as the doctor said.  You were “strong” and you were “determined.”  I remember sitting by your isolette every waking hour you were there—praying that the stay would be over with soon.  And it was!  Despite that we were initially told that you would need to stay in the NICU for the full six weeks, you were discharged just six days after you were born.  Every milestone you passed, every test you aced.  You knew you had a family anxiously awaiting for you to join them!

Immediately, you were loved with a love that only siblings can give to one another.  As Pope John Paul II says, “The best gift you can give your child is a sibling.”  You are proof to that.  Your brother and sister love you fiercely and would choose you over anything any day of the week.  Today, Annie gave you her handmade card in which she wrote:  “Happy Birthday. I am so so thankful that God had gave you to us. I love it when you smile. I love it when you run because you run silly.”  Of course, she had to include a picture of the three of you playing hide-n-seek.  Naturally, you were counting with Annie, while Jonah was hiding.  I pray that the love that you have for one another stays this intense.  It is beautiful and humbling to witness.


You know, there was something providential in those words by the doctor because you, my dear, are still a fighter, a strong and oh-so-determined fighter!  You exemplify the phrase, “all boy.”  Your favorite pass time is wrestling—anyone, anywhere, anytime, even if it is the middle of Mass, you will shout, “Wrestle!” if you are getting bored.  You are LOUD and determined to make yourself be heard and known. 

You are also intensely independent.  “I do self” is your answer whenever asked to do something.  If we try to help, you go limp and make it impossible.  Personally, I love this about you.  I believe these are attributes that will take you far in life, as long as you channel that energy in positive ways (i.e. not in beating up your brother!).

Of course, this strong willed independence brings about its disciplinary challenges as you struggle to learn your boundaries.  Yes, many of the days you drive me absolutely batty as “NO,” flies in one ear and out the other.  We go round and round and I can say that without a doubt, you spend more time in time out than your siblings combined at this age. 

You give us all so many opportunities to grow in patience and love and charity. every. single. day.  I try to remember that and to thank God for your strong will. 

And, just as you are intensely naughty, you have the most intensely passionate heart.  Every night, I rock you and sing to you.  You wrap your arms around my neck, and sqeeeeeeze tightly while saying, “I wove you, mommy.”  You then begin with your litany of song requests.  As of late “Row Row” and “Tinkle, Tinkle wittel star” are your favorites.  Any one who knows me, knows I do not sing.  But for you, I’ll sing until I have no voice left. 

And so today, we celebrate you and the gift that you are to our family.  While all partying with extended family was cancelled because of sicknesses, we opened presents and of course, you loved your BIG truck (and screamed for the whole neighborhood to hear when it was time to go to bed). 


And the books from your siblings were also a hit, once we could quiet you enough to listen to them.

011 014


And of course, we ended the day with cake.  “MMMMMM Cake!  MMMMMM berries!” you chanted over and over.  You certainly do not lack in the animation department. 


I pray that someday you will know how deeply and passionately your daddy and I love you.  You are our precious gift from God.  Many days my heart feels as if it might burst from the intense love that I feel toward you and your siblings.  You are among the best blessings in my life.

Thank you for being my strong-willed, passionate baby.

I love you,



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