Tooth Fairy flop (turned brilliant-ish)

22 Feb

So, we are fairly new to this whole tooth fairy business.  Annie lost her first tooth back in November.

2012-11-02 19.33.14-1

She was over the moon excited to have lost her first tooth.  We played it up big and promised that the tooth fairy (in our house interchanged with the Patron Saint of Teeth, St. Apollonia ***funny store about this at the end) would bring a special gift for this first tooth that was lost.

Being the OCD child that she is, Annie could not fall asleep that night with the tooth under her pillow.  She was afraid she was going to brush the tooth off of her bed and St. Apollonia would not be able to find it.  Jason eased her troubled mind by placing the tooth on a plate next to her bed (kind of like leaving cookies for St. Nicholas, I don’t know).  Anyway, she was relieved and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning she awoke to $5 and a note from St. Apollonia congratulating her on her first lost tooth.


Fast forward to Wednesday of this week…

Annie lost her second tooth as I was flying through the house like a crazy lady because I was leading a book study at our church and as always I was going to be late making dinner.  She placed it on a paper towel and in her room it went to await St. Apollonia.

Except, St. Apollonia never came.  Somewhere between dinner, me being gone all evening, etc., Jason and I both completely forgot about the tooth fairy’s appearance.


Annie was so disappointed.  She ran down the steps the next morning, “Mommy, St. Apollonia forgot to come last night” she said with tears in her eyes.

Jason and I quickly pulled together a story about how he must have been really busy that night and just didn’t get to her in time.  She was disappointed, to say the least.

Until, she received this genius email from her daddy St. Apollonia:


When I surprised Annie with the email, she was floored.  “How in the world did he know Daddy’s email?” “That is SO cool! I got my own email from St. Apollonia.”

She was satisfied.  And, we were saved.

Thankfully St. Apollonia had his act together last night and delivered his $1.

Crisis averted.

***Now for full disclosure.  For those of you who know me, you will laugh in agreement to the nickname that Jason has given me:  The Queen of Mixed Metaphors.  I am terrible at remembering a full metaphor.  I find it more satisfying, apparently, to mix them up and come up with my own.

Apparently I am also the Queen of Mixed Up Saint Names because until about 10 minutes ago, we have been calling the tooth fairy St. Alphonsus, who has nothing to do with teeth.  And?  St. Apollonia is a girl, not a dude like St. Alphonsus.


Now to explain that one to Annie.


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