20 Jun

The last three months have been an utter blur.  Packing up our old house, moving out and in to my parents, painting every flippin’ room (except the mud room, our bathroom and the school room….still getting there) from ceiling, trim, and walls, to all of the cabinets being refinished, and ripping up 4 rooms of flooring, cleaning (oh so much cleaning), moving in, unpacking, organizing, sorting.  Oh my.  Jason and I have never been so utterly whipped.

This moving thing has taught us many things about ourselves, our family, our priorities, our goals and our likes and dislikes.  In no particular order:

1.  My husband is pretty awesomely handy.  He has fixed and done so many things and saved us tons of money because of it.  One area that has been a challenge for him in prior homes was plumbing, so when we were having some issues with our washer hook up and a garbage disposal that wouldn’t work, I insisted we call our favorite plumber.  He caved (mainly because it was midnight and he was exhausted).  When the plumber came to access garbage disposal because it was  shaking like crazy and making crazy noises, he shined his flashlight down the drain and laughed.  He then pulled out a very chewed up rag.

I’m gonna blame that one on the painter who came and re-finished our cabinets.  That was not one of my rags!

Embarrasing, why yes?

2.  When painting, go with your instincts.  The last room I painted before we moved in is probably one of my favorite rooms in the house.  I hated the color that I picked for the room the second I opened the can.  But, being tired, utterly sick of painting and desperate to be done, I applied it.  Guess what, I still hate it.

3.  Overgrown landscaping=Poison Ivy:  I’m terrified of this stuff.  Everything makes me skin break out and the thought of poison ivy on me or any of my family makes my OCD go nuts.  Every time I venture out to weed, I become paranoid about touching any of that nasty stuff.  Today, I messaged Jason:

“I just ventured to the side of the house to spray some of the brush.  Of course now, I’m terrified I may have touched poison ivy.  Because that is how I roll.”

We need to save up and pay somebody to clear the over grown brush.  That stuff has got to go!

4.  Sleep deprivation brings out the worst in us.  Jason and I are not fans of swearing.  If I hear Jason swear, I know something *major* is going on.  I have the occasional slip, but for the most part, we try to keep our words clean.    Apparently, exhaustion has brought out a terrible habit of saying “Freakin” and “Damnit” because well…let me share a story to illustrate my point.

Today James woke up CRABBY.  We made the crazy decision to move him to a big boy bed when we moved in last weekend which means that he is up about two hours earlier than normal.  This?  Makes him crabby.  Today he was being an absolute bear and I about lost my mind with him while I was trying to make lunch.  I sent him OUT of the kitchen.  His response was, “Damnit.  Freakin.” OVER and OVER and OVER.

I had to walk out of the kitchen (into my favorite ugly painted room) and cry and laugh until tears were running down my face.  I eventually composed myself enough to have a little talk with him and tell him those are naughty words.  I swear if he had seen that commercial from the 90s “I learned it from watching you…” he would have thrown those words in my face.

That?  Was equal parts hilarious and humiliating.

5.  My kids are awesome and Annie, at age 7, has mastered babysitting her brothers.  Everyone who came to the house to help with our millions of projects commented that I could take a break because that daughter of mine is totally a little mother.  This is true.  We are grateful they lasted 4 weeks of day in and day out watching Jason and I work, work, and work some more on the house.  Their positive attitudes and repeated, “I just can’t wait to live here” comments were fantastic.

This past weekend, Jason and I slept in until 8:30.  I dashed out of bed once I realized the time to find that Annie had gotten her brothers up, dressed and ready for church and had started making breakfast.  She said to me, “I know you guys are really tired, so I thought I would let you sleep in.”  She is such a good kid.

Tonight we will be rewarding them for the patience and charity.  We have a surprise set up for them that will blow their minds (more on that tomorrow).

6.  Numerous people, mainly family, told me over and over, “Don’t kill yourself” while Jason and I were working like crazy.  Jason always laughed at those comments and said, “Clearly these people don’t live with you.  You are always this intense.”

True.  Very True.

7.  Budgets—we live and die by our budget system.  Moving…grrr…that makes budgets go crazy and no matter how much we tried to plan, there were and still are a million little (expensive) things popping up.  This?  Is stressful.

8.  I LOVE living out in the country.  The kids and I drove through our old subdivision yesterday and there was not an ounce of remorse.  I love being out here.

9.  I miss having a routine and am itching to get back into the swing of things.  Everyone has their days of feeling out of sorts and I think we are all ready for everything to fell “normal” again.  We are getting there.

10.  Never borrow a friend’s new (to them) truck to help move your stuff out or in.  You will inevitably end up denting something and feeling like a complete and utter tool.  Hire the professionals (though budget twice as much as they quote you…because…yes.  That happened and Jason and I about started crying, “Freakin” and “Damnit” when we got our final bill.)

11.  I hope and pray that we never, ever, ever have to move again.


One Response to “moving”

  1. Jason June 20, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Some day in the not too distant future, we’ll look back on this and say to ourselves “Remember how stressful it was when we moved?” and we’ll really have to think hard to remember why. But I think those memories will make us think twice before attempting to do this again anytime soon.

    Oh, and you left out the part about the plumber saying I was on the right track. I’m rather proud of that 🙂

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