three little words

28 Jun

Sometimes, all you have to say is three little words:




But they can mean so many different things.

The you have a crazy dry sense of humor and you make laugh until I (almost) pee myself I love you.


The I’m sorry I hurt you I love you.

The you leave me scratching my head wondering how you had the patience to figure out such and such problem around the house I love you.

The you leave me humbled for your love for me I love you.


The I’m choosing to love you right now, even though I don’t like you I love you.

The thank you for providing such a wonderful life for the kids and I because you work so hard I love you.


The you are still smashingly handsome to me after 11 years I love you.

The, Wow, you are an amazing father, I love you.

Family 019

The you make me want to be a better person, I love you.

The your knowledge and love of our faith, I love you. 

The I love you more now than I did on our wedding day, I love you.


The I still love holding your hand as I fall asleep at night I love you.

The slower, thoughtful, easy way you approach life I love you.

Family 002

The kindness and compassion you show to everyone around you, I love you.

The love of my cooking and baking, I love you.

The kind hearted man that still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks in the door, I love you.

2012-09-30 17.04.56

Thank you for giving so much meaning to three little words. 

I love you.


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