30 Aug

This year, the anticipation, or more precisely the need to get away on vacation was fierce.  This past summer and spring have been a whirlwind of crazy and I have truly never seen my husband so tired, felt so burnt out myself, and deeply (and painfully) known that my kids were in need of some real family time. 

Hilton Head Island, our yearly destination, provided just that.  We are in vacation hangover now and the pressing need to get school curriculum and our school room ready for the year are at the forefront this week.  Thus, a week in review via pictures:

The Beach!







Mini Golf:




Outdoor concerts:

Now, I can’t just leave this with pictures.  The last two years, we have attended the Shannon Tanner concert.  The kids just loved going last year, and even on the drive down to HHI this year, Annie commented that she really hoped she would get called up for the portion in which the kids get to sing a song.  She knew that if she got picked, she wanted to sing, “Amazing Grace.”  Now mind you, the vast majority of the kids sing pop songs like “Barbie Girl” and “Call Me Maybe,” etc.  Shannon actually spoke to how what the kids choose to sing over the years during his concerts has really changed, noting it was kind of sad that kids didn’t know good old fashion kids’ music. 

Well, our Annie showed him otherwise when she did get called forward to sing.  He was so touched by her song that he got the entire audience involved.  Videos below.

Amazing Grace Pt. 1


Amazing Grace Pt. 2


Yes.  Proud (bursting with pride) parent (and grandparent) moment.


Another fun concert was the Pachanga Band.  These dudes rocked!

Concert in Coligny Square


Also, not pictured, but highly memorable were the many bike rides (even some along the ocean—bliss!), late nights playing cards with my parents and Jason, and lounging by the pool listening to an audio book (yes, I was so lazy, I didn’t even read it…just listened). 

It was an awesome week, indeed. 


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