no more harm or ruin

26 Sep











We live in such a broken world, don’t we?

There is endless sadness and disorder within this world.  It is all around us, impossible to escape.

We all have our own heavy and tragic stories of incomprehensible events that have happened to us or our loved ones.  Those kinds of stories that leave you lying awake at night contemplating how in the world life will ever continue on as “normal” again.

This past summer, my friends lost their precious six month old son to SIDS.  It was so unexpected, so tragic, and so very painful.  I’m still at a loss with how to express my sorrow to my friends and my godson, the big brother who at 3 years old is still trying to understand where his baby brother is.

I remember the priest’s speaking about this at this at the funeral Mass, “We will never understand why, but we can understand how.”  He went on to explain how this family can get through this—through their loved ones praying for them, through relying on the sacraments as a source of strength and grace, as well as offering their sorrow to Mary and Jesus, asking them to ease their burden.  Like Saint Simon of Cyrene, we are all called to help them bear this extreme sorrow—called to help them carry this heavy cross that God for some reason gave to them.

When such tragic events occur, I know I can’t find the answers here.  Rather, I must turn my eyes towards Heaven.  The prophet Isaiah provides such a beautiful reminder of what we are aiming for—where our hope should rest:


Sit with those verses for awhile…

The wolf and the lamb, the leopard and the kid, the calf and the lion, the cow and the bear, the lion and the ox, the baby and the cobra…they all will live in peace and harmony.

The whole of creation will be at peace.  God has not forsaken us.  He has prepared a place of true rest and understanding.  And, it is not here.

“There will be no more harm or ruin, for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as the water covers the sea.”

Then and only then will we understand.  And our hearts will find their true resting place.

It’s difficult to imagine now.  Our human understanding fails us.

But, we are given this promise—a vision for where our hope should rest, and so with a heart full of expectant faith, I turn my heart towards God with trust, knowing we are his sheep and he is our Shepherd.  He will guide us to our final resting place.


One Response to “no more harm or ruin”

  1. Jason September 26, 2013 at 11:38 am #

    In a world where knowledge of the Lord seems to be all but lost, the vision of it filling the earth as water covers the sea is a beautiful one. I love the message of hope and faith conveyed by this post. Well done, my love.

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