“You are always busy…”

16 Oct

My daughter, poor thing, has adopted my unnecessary sense of urgency for everything.  She has learned from me that life is a rush.  It is busy.  There is always a to do list.  Checking items off of the list is important.

In almost every subject, she is “ahead” by a grade or two.  Learning comes easy to her.  But when she rushes in her school work, the first thing to go is her penmanship.  *If* she takes her time, she has great handwriting, but in her desire to always “hurry and get it done,” her penmanship suffers in a serious way.  So today, we had a chat about it.

::Enter the discussion on habits—both good and bad.::

In discussing habits, I made sure to point out my bad habits.  Before I could even get out the words, “And you know what some of my bad habits are that I am working on…” Jonah, who wasn’t directly a part of this conversation chimed in, “Busy.  You are always busy.”


How’s that for a hefty punch to the momma heart?

All I could say was , “Yes.  That is definitely a bad habit, buddy.  Momma has a lot to work on in that area.”

His words are so true.

Some days I feel like I’ve achieved that magical balance in which the hubbie and kids’ love tanks were filled up, school was done, house was in (enough) order, outside commitments were met, and I did it with a cheerful, peaceful, laid back heart.

I savor those days.

Most other days, however, I’m painfully aware of what suffers when I live my life at a perpetual marathon speed.

I need to change this.

I’m working on it.

Slowly apparently is the method that I need to embrace.


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