Indians, women and beer

17 Nov

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but car rides with my kids can drive me nutty.  Jonah sits behind the driver’s seat and because he has me close, uses it as his opportunity to ask 2,456 question, all the while James is singing at the top of his lungs, and Annie (who is in the way back of the mom-van) yells at James to be quiet and butts in with her own 3,421 questions. 

For my sanity, I usually have either a book on cd going or some kid-ish music (though sometimes that kind of music drives me even more crazy). 

For the past year, Annie has been totally into all of the Little House on the Prairie books.  She devours them in no short of a day or two.  We also have a number of the books on cd –cue, mommy’s sanity break from all of the questions and yelling in the car. 

Last week, we had book #2 on, the one in which the the Ingalls move out West to “Indian territory.”  We’ve listened to this book no short of 258 times, but for some reason, it sparked their imagination this time and their play time has been all things Indians. 

Demonstration A:


Because everyone knows that cloth diaper inserts make the best mohawks and Indian coverings.  Thankfully the boys didn’t go all commando and really show their inner warrior.  Also?  Annie, put your shirt on child!

Before our family went on our annual trip to the ocean in South Carolina, Jason got into a James Taylor kick.  He discarded the books on cd and kid music that I endure, and one day threw in James Taylor’s Greatest Hits.  Very quickly, the kids fell in love with his music.  Of course, being the responsible parents that we are, we went ahead and skipped songs like “Steamroller”—you know, because I don’t want my kids dropping the f-bomb or anything like that (in all honesty, we don’t usually play “our” kind of music around the kids for many reasons, but Jason was dreaming of Carolina, so James Taylor was the obvious choice). 

Very quickly, the kids began humming along with the songs, eventually adding in actual words (or at least the words that they thought they heard) and were belting out the “lyrics” every time we were in the car.  They even began requesting James Taylor on Pandora when music was playing at home.  Of course, our sweet baby James took a particular liking to the song with his name in it.

Demonstration B:


I realize that the vast majority of his “words” are his own version of what he hears…but, thankfully he got the “thinking about women and glasses of beer” portion of the song correct. 

And with that?  We will take our parent of the year awards.


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