on turning six

8 Jul

Dear Jonah,

Look at you.  You turned six yesterday.  What? 

2014-07-06 18.39.54

Your hat?  Your smile?  YOU, kid?  You kills me with awesomness. 

For your birthday this year, you asked for a wide variety of items:  from a pirate costume, to a tackle box for fishing, to hockey equipment, to a your own real shovel and work gloves so that you can work alongside your daddy outside.  We celebrated with family over pizza, vanilla cake and chocolate ice cream, and you were filled with so much joy as I tucked you into bed that night. 

2014-07-06 18.33.48

It’s been a good year.

You have grown and matured, and I am so proud of the hard work that you have accomplished.  You’ve mastered your addition facts, you can read like a champ, your handwriting is beautiful.  And even more than that?  You’ve gained confidence in yourself and your abilities.  That makes my momma (homeschooling) heart so happy.  

026As your academic skills have grown, so, too has your personality.  You will forever be our quiet, more laid back child.  And with that, you have a sneaky, naughty side to you—one that, ahem, includes silently punching your brother out of no where when you walk by him and when we ask, “Why is James crying?” you slyly announce that you have no idea.  No idea, huh?  That’s so not cool, buddy.  As you have found out, Momma has eyes in the back of my head, and can now spot that mischief a room (or four) away.   It’s a good thing your brother is tough and will always forgive you (and so will I).

2014-05-25 14.38.08

It is interesting, because that competitive nature that you feel towards James is about the only area in which you demonstrate that kind of spirit.  This past year, you dabbled in all kinds of sports:  tennis, basketball, soccer, floor hockey,  and t-ball.  You always tried them, said you loved them, but when it came to being competitive, no thanks.  You simply move to the beat of your own drummer and what I love so much about you, is that you don’t care what anyone else thinks.   I hope you always feel this confident in yourself.

2014-06-12 18.33.21And at the foundation of all that you do and all that you are, you have developed a love of Jesus, the Good Shepherd that is humbling to witness.  You are so excited to move up to Level 2 in the atrium and begin the 2-year process of faith formation to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  You have so many questions and insights.  Your prayers are simple and filled with awe and love of Jesus and all that he has done for you.  It is an honor and privilege to grow in our faith right alongside you. 


You have such a soft, sweet soul about you.  Recently, after a very fun and full day picnicking and hanging at the zoo, I tucked you into bed and you thanked me for such a fun day and then proceeded to tell me that you left daddy and I a surprise on our nightstand.  When I asked you what the surprise was, you responded, “I gave you some of my money because it was so nice of you to make such a fun day for us.”  I replied, “Oh buddy, that is sweet, but you don’t have to give daddy and I anything.  It makes us so happy to plan fun days with you.”  Your eyes welled up and your chin began to quiver and while fighting back tears, you said, “But I just want to give you something so that you know how much I love you and how much fun I had.” 

That conversation—that is you.  Your tender soul wanted a special way to say thank you.  Of course, I thanked you for the coins and told you that I’d keep it to remember our special day together.  Through a weepy smile, you said, “Thank you, Momma.  I love you.”


Buddy, I wish I could find the words to articulate the joy you bring to my heart.  Each morning you awake first and greet me with a smile, and a, “Good Morning, Momma.  How did you sleep?”  And each night you ask, “Will you stay and snuggle with me?”  I can’t imagine beginning or ending my days any other way.

Here’s to hoping this year brings you so much love, joy, and peace.  You are my heart and I love you to the moon and back.

With lots of Eskimo (or as you say, Eskimoka) kisses,



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