29 Aug

This week Jason was gone on travel for work.  Of course, this had to happen the same week that we decided to ease back into school, I started a part-time job, and the cats got spayed.  Praise God it is Friday and Jason will be home soon—that’s all I’m going to say about that.

While flying solo this week and getting back into the school routine, the kids and I had a lot of time together, and as usual, we had some pretty sweet conversations.

Annie, while getting frustrated with getting her cursive handwriting slant just right:   “I’m having a hard time with this slant.  It’s OK, though.  It’ll get better as the school year goes on.”

Have I mentioned how much I love her positive attitude?

Jonah crumbling to the ground and sobbing, as Jason pulled out of the driveway to leave for the week:  “I just love him so much!”

James, while crawling into bed with me one morning, along with every blanket he could find throughout the house:  “Momma, I love you.  You are best snuggler.  You are my sweet momma.  Also?  What happened to your breath?”

After returning from the library with a new stack of books:  “Can we sit outside and read?” 

Hours later, they were all still reading.  And the next morning after doing their chores, Annie crawled back into bed and read and Jonah and James snuggled into Jonah’s bed and Jonah read to him for quite a long time.  This?  Just one of the many reasons I love homeschooling. 

While sorting though Fall clothes to assess what did and did not fit, Annie noticed that James had loads and loads of hand-me-downs from Jonah:  “Mommy. if you had another girl, we could save all of my clothes and give them to her.  And, then I’d have a sister to play with.  I mean, I know I already have a sister in Heaven.  I just wish I had one here to play with too.” 

My response:  “Me too, babe, me too.”

All the kids, upon picking up the drug-induced, *angry* now-spayed cats:  “These cats are crazy.  I’m afraid Co-Co is going to get out of her box.  Will she attack me?  Listen to her scratching and mewing.  She’s insane!”

Have I mentioned that we are done with cats?

Jonah, sensing that I was tired and frazzled one night,  “Mommy.  It’s OK.  You don’t need to get stressed.  It’s all going to be fine.”

It was fine.  It really was.  But, good golly, I always have a new found respect for single parents or those whose spouse is gone a lot for work.  This family?  Likes to be together and when the hubs walks in the door tonight, all will be right in our world again.  


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