we started

14 Sep

Another year of homeschooling is underway in our household, as we will begin our fourth week of formal instructions tomorrow.  And believe it or not, I’m not totally frazzled, which is crazy considering I also began a part time job in ministry (enough said!) at our parish the same week that we started school.  

Admittedly, there have been a few instances where I’ve looked at Jason, rattled off a really big to do list and said, “Help.  What do I do next?  I’m stress paralyzed” (::sidenote::  the movie Mom’s Night Out will forever be one of my favorites for validating that such a thing exists for us mommas!  I’ve been using those words for years!)  There may have even been a few explicits thrown in there, too—you know, to keep it real.  Yeah.  It’s been crazy. 

::Another side note, James’ devilish grin says it all in his homeschooling adventures::

But, God in His goodness and faithfulness placed it on my heart to ease our way back into the school year.  For the first time ever, we didn’t start every subject in week one, but rather began with a week of review (1/2 days), added in some of the core subjects the following week, and then added in the rest of the curriculum in week three.  Genius, yes?

I  phased in new programs, like our writing, Latin, and memory work, which allowed for us to get comfortable with how they work one at a time.  This approach has really helped us to settle back into a full time schedule of formal instruction. 


I have high hopes for this school year, not only in regards to the curriculum that we will be covering (which is fantastic!), but also in our approach.  This summer I happened upon the Schole Sisters blog and the Circe Institute, which aims to cultivate wisdom and virtues in our children and many, many, many of the posts and podcasts have left Jason and I relishing this opportunity to home educate our children and to be able to approach their education in such a more intimate and meaningful way than my undergrad and graduate work in Education could have ever prepared me for.  I’ve got three little images of God that I’ve been blessed to give my all to in this homeschooling world (and in every area of their lives), and together, we have got a lot of learning and growing to do to become the children of Christ that we are called to be.  I’m excited for this school year.  And, even more so I’m trusting because stress paralyzed is a thing and the task before us homeschooling moms is great.  But, man, what a reward. 


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