My people

21 Sep

My People.

The friends who I can send a random email to – even though we haven’t talked in weeks – to tell them that I’m losing it or to please add such and such to your prayer intentions, or by the way, isn’t this hilarious?  Thy respond back with love and good will and always a bit of humor.  Despite their own  losing it, busy lives, and needs, they let me lament my moments without reservation.  They are my faithful prayer warriors.

They are My People.

Those colleagues-turned friend who I can turn to when I need advice in handling this or that.  One in particular is my go-to for all things Catholic, especially when I’m working on album pages (lessons) for the atrium.   I’m finding it is so important to have pals in ministry who know…oh, how they know, the struggles of being in ministry.

I’m grateful these are My People, too.

Or those friends that I have known for years—the ones that I have had the honor of being god mother to their children and vice-versa because they really are like family.  They are the friends who care so much about welcoming my family into their home over a good meal that they joyfully cater to our every allergy need—down to the condiments placed on the organic meats and vegetables (because they know and understand how this diet is not a choice, but a necessity).  Their acts of love define what it means to be like Christ and thus, they are so some of My People.

And the spiritual directors from whom I’ve been blessed to seek counsel.  In this season of my life, I’m grateful for a spiritual director who gets me, whooow, does he get me.  He challenges me and prays for me and is like the wise-faithful friend who only wants what is best for me.  To be able to speak without reservation about what God is doing in my life and where I am struggling and succeeding, yeah, I’m indebted to him for being one of My People.

Those newer friends—you know the kind.  They are the ones that I knew right away that I had an immediate connection with and could instantly identify as My People.  They are the friends that I can talk with for hours on end about alternative health care choices, cooking, eating real food, homeschooling, and so on.  They are the kind of friends who think nothing of a night out ending at Holy Hour, praying before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  Yeah, they are certainly My People.

And, gosh, I’m pretty lucky to say that my extended family is among My People.  Not everyone is as lucky as  I am to be blessed with parents who are loving, supportive, and would seriously give their lives to see me and my family happy, successful and peaceful.  And for my family that I don’t see often or spend enough time with, well, at the end of the day, I have no doubt that they are My People.  I mean, we are family and with that word comes a bond, though sometimes imperfect, that unites us.  I’m grateful to have them among My People, too.

And then there is that friend—I pray you all have one, too, that best friend who is basically the sister you always longed for.  She’s the one who has known me, prayed for me, loved me through the years–when I got a tattoo and partied my little rebellious streak out of me, when I cared more about animal rights than those of the unborn, when I came back to the faith and had questions, lots of questions.  She was there, calling me on Saturdays in college, reminding me to go to Mass.  She is the one person that I talk to almost every day and who can tell by my, “Hello” what kind of day I am having.  There is no faking it with her.  I could seriously write a book about how she is one of My People, but suffice is to say, I would be a complete and utter train wreck had this friend not come into my life many, many years ago.

Obviously, my husband is the epitome of one of My People.  Yeah, a novel could be written about him, too, but in summary—he gets me, lives with me, and still loves me (crazy, I know!).  He is my sounding board, my filter, my biggest cheerleader and would do anything to ensure my happiness.  He challenges me to grow in the areas in which I am weak, keeping one eye on who I am (and loving me) and one eye on the person God has called me to be.  It really is quite something in this society to be married to someone that you just know is the one you will spend your life with–the one who is committed to living out our marriage vows.  Yah, he’s so very much one of My People.

My People—these friends and family, if put into one room, would seem like an unlikely mixture of this and that, though in my life fit perfectly into a beautiful team of prayer warriors, soul-mates, soldiers in an army of people who are my earthly reminders of God’s goodness and faithfulness.   I’m so grateful to have them—to help me grow, challenge me to be the woman of Christ that I am called to be, and to celebrate the victories and to be there to pick me up should the day go to pot and I’m stressed paralyzed, while sitting in a corner eating chocolate and peanut butter by the spoonful.  Heck, they are the ones that would show up at the door with the bag of allergy-friendly chocolate chips and jar of PB because they just know … they are My People.


One Response to “My people”

  1. Jason September 22, 2014 at 4:07 pm #

    The older I get, the more I realize that having a set of “people” to call ours is how we make it all work. I’m honored to be named in your list of people, and equally honored to have you in mine. Love you so much ❤

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