21 Nov

You know that game that your mind plays when you just aren’t sure what this or that all means.  The What If Game.

What if they find something really bad?

What if they don’t find anything at all?

What if he wasn’t “sick enough” to get the results that they wanted.

What if he has to be trekked out into the freezing, windy, snowy day again while he feels utterly miserable because they want more tests run?

I don’t know the answers to any of these things.  All I know is that we are asked to surrender over and over and over again to our Lord.

This is out of my hands; not so much out of my heart.

These children that He has entrusted us with?  They are not ours for keeps.  They are His.  They are a gift and one of our gifts has a bow that is a bit complicated to untie.

And, so another round of orders were sent in—complicated orders, apparently, as it took two tries on two different days and two different labs before they could sort out just what the immunologist wanted to have run.

10 more tubes of blood drawn.

Three more labs to analyze the results.

STAT written here, there, and everywhere.

The conversation with the head of one of the labs, who personally came to the draw center to be able to pick up the tubes in order to ensure that they were able to be processed STAT, lingers in my mind:  “Ma’am, I’ve been looking through your son’s blood history over the last two days—trying to sort out these orders.  He sure has a lot going on.”

“Yeah.  We are hoping these tests provide some answers.”

“I sure hope so, too.”

With empathetic eyes, he looked at our little guy and asked, “How are you buddy?”

“I’m fine,” he muttered, as if someone was holding his poor congested nose closed.

He always says that.

I sure hope it is true.


One Response to “Untying”

  1. Jason November 21, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    I sure hope it’s true, too. For everything that little guy has to put up with, I’m sure glad he has a mom who loves him like you do.

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