karate kid

2 Jan

This kid…

IMG_20141013_185023573 started karate this year and my, oh my, what a joy this has been for him.

Being a hypotonic kid certainly has it’s disadvantages, not only in success in sports, but also in the self-esteem department.  And, having a younger brother who is a tank and loves to wrestle, well, it has been a challenge for Jonah.  Once he so sadly whimpered to me, “I hate wrestling with James.  I don’t feel strong enough.”  How’s a comment like that to pull at a momma’s heart strings?  Naturally, we encouraged him to try all kinds of sports:  t-ball, basketball, floor hockey, gymnastics, tennis, and so on.  Being such a good natured kid, Jonah never complained about them, but it was clear that he did not enjoy them.  And, he never wanted to re-enroll in them, either.

::enter karate classes at the Holt Dojo::

This Fall, we took advantage of a free, two-week trial of karate classes at the Dojo and to say that Jonah was hooked from the onset would be a complete understatement.  I still remember taking him to his first class and watching his group practice in the practice gyms (I don’t remember all of the Japanese names) while we got to watch him on the tv screen  in the waiting room.  The instructors were so kind, and considerate and patient with him, practically giving him one-on-one instruction the entire time.  I knew after that first class we would be signing the contract and attending the Dojo twice a week for the next year (and likely beyond).

Jonah-Karate2Jonah has now been at it for 3 months and completed his first belt testing a few weeks ago.  In this time, not only has he caught a passion for this martial art, but his self-confidence has exploded.  They focus just as much on discipline, respect and hard work than they do on the actual skills.  It is a perfect balance of training the mind and the body. 


For his belt testing, some of his extended family came out to cheer him on, and he was beaming from ear to ear.  This was the first time that he got to experience an audience watching him perform at anything.  When he got on stage with the rest of his classmates and performed his katas, my heart just about exploded out of my chest to see him so confident and happy.  At the belt testing, we all got to watch the older children test for the higher belts and this only fueled Jonah’s desire to keep going and to continue to push himself to learn and grow in this martial art.

It is music to our ears to hear him ask to go to karate.  In fact, one night he awoke in the middle of the night sick and the first thing he asked me was, “Does this mean that I have to miss karate tomorrow?”  The boy’s world revolves around karate, counting his days in terms of when he gets to go back to the Dojo.  And we think that is pretty awesome. 

Now to go learn some Japanese.


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