what it’s all about

14 Feb

When I think of that silly song, I immediately place myself in elementary school with a group of friends at the roller rink on a Saturday afternoon.  As soon as the “ba-daaa da-daa da da” beat would come on over the scratchy speakers, my friends and I would gather in a circle with our brown and orange skates, ready to place this foot and that hand and this elbow in and shake it all about.  We cherished those moments of fellowship and laughter.

Roller skating in the 80s

Those were the good ole’ days of carefree timelessness. 

Fast forward about 25 years and I’m in a season of life that includes lesson planning, diving into learning all day with my children, working part time, running kids here, there and everywhere, while trying to keep some semblance of order in our home.  Most days I’m up around 6:30AM and retire for the night around 11:30PM.  The days are long…sometimes frantic…and there is just not enough…I don’t know, hokey pokey going on?

It’d be awfully easy to blame the lack of hokey pokey going on to having kids.  Because, in one sense, that is true.  We have little people in our lives now with lots of needs—like eating and cleaning and educating.  I can’t skate in circles all day with my friends.

But could I…with my kids?  I’ve stopped to consider that quite a bit as of late.  Why not?  I mean…Jesus tells us that we need to have the eyes and heart of a child to enter the Kingdom of God.  Why does growing up entail loosing a sense of wonder and awe about what God has given us?  The simple, the complex, the utterly beautiful and breathtaking—why are these lost with age?



This year, I’ve taken on a different perspective with our schooling and with it, I feel like I’ve turned the pages to a new chapter, if you will, in my story.  One that is calling me to schole.  To rest and to savor.  Everyday I’m encouraged to seek truth with my kids.  To slow down and smell the roses.  To walk next to them (not ahead of them) so that I can re-learn (or heck, who am I kidding, learn for the first time) all that my education was so extremely lacking in.

And while this perspective plays out beautifully in my mind like the notes of a lovely piece of music where it all just fits together just perfectly, it simply doesn’t always happen.  Why?  Because I’m not wired that way.  I’m a task-master extraordinaire, a doer, not a sitter. A project master, detail oriented, mind-constantly-going-in-1,432-directions disaster most days.  My friends, this is *not* what it is all about.


And to be honest…it takes every ounce of effort I have in me to work against this and be the person that I know God wants me to be.  To be the mom who listens more than she orders, to be the wife who hugs and kisses more than she organizes, to be the friend who encourages more than she complains.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.  But, I’m determined to write the pages in this chapter with a fresh pen and a clean piece of paper.

I can choose to become that person that God calls me to be.

It is worth it because I know this is how the Lord wants me to write my story.  And so, you can bet that at the first note of the beloved Hokey Pokey, I will walk away from the grind and instead choose to dance around in circles with my kids, delighting in their laughter and joy. 


Because that is what it is all about. 


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