goal dreamer

22 Feb

Do you all have life goals?  You know, those things that you’d like to have accomplished by the time you are 35 or 40 or 50 or whatever age seems like you should have accomplished important things.

Like having kids, buying a house, having a certain amount in your life’s savings or going on trips here or there? 

Because I don’t. 

I never have really. 

I guess I’ve always taken the, “I’m going to prayerfully discern what God wants me to do and let Him make those big decisions for me” kind of an approach. 

I feel like He has blessed me with a successful teaching career, work in ministry through NFP and the CGS program, and the blessing that is my family and friends.

But lately…well, I’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer, and I’m beginning to recognize the importance of having and working towards a specific goal in my life.

For me?  This goal does not equate to monetary gain or career aspirations.  In fact….well, no.  Just no.

So this lofty goal that I have—it’s simple, but dang, is it hard to achieve. 

It is peace.

It is happiness.

It is choosing order in my life over to-dos.

It is making the really, really, really difficult choice to walk away from something that I love because of circumstances that are robbing me of that joy that I desire. 

And I know that the Lord wants me to have this peace and happiness.

So, yeah, it is Lent.  And my Lent this year is about bringing order and peace and *joy* back into my life.  It’s about saying, “no” to a lot of things so that I can say, “yes!” to a lot more important things.

That’s really the only goal I have.  To be a follower of Christ Jesus so that all that I do, say and think is to glorify Him. 

It’s not about climbing the ladder of success in the world’s eyes.  It’s about being, and loving and caring deeply for what matters most.

My relationship with the Lord.

My amazing family.

My blessings that are friends.

That is my goal.  Call me crazy, but I’m confident that if I put my energies and prayer into being the woman, mother, wife, friend that God wants me to be, that I will blessed.

And I will have true joy, peace and love.

What else is there to want?


One Response to “goal dreamer”

  1. Little Kerry's Acres February 23, 2015 at 9:51 am #

    Oh man I just listened to a Lighthouse Media CD that this makes me think of. It was by Fr Larry Richards and he talked about how our goal should be holiness and wanting what God wants. I don’t think much about goals either but I’m trying to now. I guess just one more amazing way the Lord has brought us together to navigate these waters together. Prayers for you friend!

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