Moving on, moving up

28 May

This goof ball?

Recently landed a new job, and no it is not as a professional bowler.  Rather, it is with Microsoft—a company that he has wanted to work at for as long as I can remember.  Woot!  Woot!  This?  Is exciting news!

When we moved back to Michigan eight years ago, Jason left his amazing job at Boeing that had fantastic benefits. It was the kind of company that he could have easily stayed at for his entire career.  While there, he programmed missels for top-secret military defense projects, and he truly enjoyed it.  It was a tough decision to leave such a wonderful organization as Boeing, but the Lord placed it on our hearts to return to Michigan so that we could be near family.

And while it has been great to be close to loved ones again, the technology industry in Michigan is a bit, shall I say, lacking compared to the abundant opportunities available back in St. Louis, or even in other states down South that we have seriously considered relocating to.  This whole idea of relocation was actually part of a serious discussion that we initiated this past winter.

However, an opportunity for a position at Mircosoft opened up and Jason decided to apply for it.  It ended up involving four rounds of interviews, one of which was an all day, totally insane, 5 interviews back-to-back-oh-my-lands-this-is-so-hard kind of an interview.  He came home thinking there was no way he would be offered a job.

He was wrong.

In the end, Microsoft offered him a sweet job, told him that after the day-long interview, they all knew he was Microsoft family material and had no doubt he would be a great asset to the Microsoft team.  Yeee Haw!

For inquiring minds, Jason gave me a short description of his new job (my brain=not techy)

The role is called Application Development Manager (ADM). This role is part of Microsoft’s Premier Support for Developers team, and is responsible for managing the relationship between Microsoft and their large enterprise software developer customers. Activities can be anything from participating in high level architecture round table discussions to digging into low level bugs in the code. It can also involve connecting customers with the right developer training resources for an upcoming project, or creating and delivering the training myself. ADMs are considered to be trusted advisors to their customers for all things software development. Although the role can involve a lot of day to day variety, my ultimate responsibility will be to make sure my customers are using Microsoft development best practices, and getting the help they need.

This is a bit of departure from his usual software architect type role, and he will be working from home part time and also traveling part time.  Our family’s schedule will definitely fluctuate in a way that will stretch us and is adding to our family’s discernment of what, if anything, I will volunteer for next year outside of the home.  But it is good.  It is the next chapter and we are hoping and praying that God writes many chapters for Jason at Microsoft.

You guys?  I am so excited for him.  After eight year of working at jobs that were fine, but not what he loved, I am thrilled that an opportunity opened up in Michigan to be a part of an organization that values his skill set, has abundant opportunities for growth and takes really good care of their employees.  The sky is the limit with a place like Microsoft for a techy guy like Jason.

So, join me in congratulating him and covering him in prayer during this time of transition.  His proud wife and kids are standing on the sidelines cheering a big ole cheer and doing the happy dance for him.  Let’s shower him with congratulations!


2 Responses to “Moving on, moving up”

  1. Kari Edwards May 28, 2015 at 12:26 pm #

    Yea Jason! And thanks be to God!
    So happy for your entire family and so eager to see the wonderful plan unfold.
    May God bless you abundantly as you build up His kingdom on earth.

  2. Doris Stair June 1, 2015 at 7:34 pm #

    Yahoo for Jason!! Not sure how to converse with someone so high up in the tech world.
    Have fun in what you love to do. Life is

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