new beginnings

7 Sep



Peace and joy.

This year, the beginning of the year, it feel so very different.  I feel like it is a little gift, a loving grace, from God for being obedient to His call to step down from ministry to be with my family.

I’m so dang grateful because this “yes” has granted me a spiritual, physical, and mental health that is allowing me to not just be here physically to my family, but to be here with them—as in my mind and heart are here.  There is so much more peaceful, restful, joyful space open in my brain to love the heck out of my kids and husband. 

No longer is the to-do list knocking me over the head, leaving me with a massive headache and an unsettled soul.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt the anxiousness of being “behind.”  I’m not perpetually distracted anymore. No, we are just living.  Being.  Enjoying.  And praising God for the gift of balance.

This is what it feels like to have my priorities straight.

I wouldn’t give this up for anything. 

(day 1–going to try this again. We’ll see)


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