8 Sep

First it was the A/C unit that decided to kick it on a 90 degree day.

Then Jason’s car got hit by a hitch that came loose while I was driving it down the highway.  That was scary.  A few thousand dollars later, it is now up and running.  (sort of…just wait…the rest of the story is yet to come).

The A/C unit decided it wasn’t really fixed and quit again.

My beloved washing machine decided to start going all wonky and needed the bearing to be replaced.  At least it doesn’t sounds like a jet engine going off while trying to wash the dirty laundry anymore.

The radon system stopped working.  This may or may not have something to do with my awesome riding lawn mower skills.  Apparently if you back your mower into the PVC pipe on the outside of the house that vents the dangerous gas out, you will crack the pipe and the system will go into crazy alarm mood and need to be fixed.  Consider yourself warned.  You’re welcome.

The A/C decided to die on the same morning (again) that our 3-month old dishwasher decided to spring a leak.  This leak just happens to be in the unfinished  part of the basement where we store all sorts of things—papers, electronics, luggage, etc.  The rest of the day was spent sweating it out in a musty smelling basement.  At least we were not inhaling radon while dealing with the mess.

Jason was leaving his Holy Hour time on Sunday night to find that his car battery was dead.  Totally dead.  Thankfully he was able to jump it to get home.  Today, a new battery will be installed, assuming we can get it jumped again.  Otherwise, we’ll be calling the tow company, again.

This car incident was coupled with the 4th time the A/C unit failed in just a short while.  So, after the 4th visit from our now good friends at K&B Mechanical, it looks like we are either getting some new parts in the inside of the unit or an entirely new unit.  The parts are still under warranty. The hours of labor it is going to take to finally fix is are not. So, there is that. 

Of course, all of this decided to happen during the same time that I decided to begin a fast (which included no chocolate—serious business, folks!).  So, I had no crutches.  Do you have any idea how good chocolate sounds when you are hot, stressed, and hanging out on the side of the highway waiting for a tow truck to come?  You don’t have any experience with that?  Well, let me tell you, really darn good.

It’s been hot, messy and costly around these parts lately.  And, I just opened up a new bag of chocolate.  The fast is over.  We’ll see about the rest.

(day 2)


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